Ornaments in a Box
Ornaments in a Box
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Ornaments in a Box

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Get ready for the Holidays with your loved ones!

Make it an event, not just an activity! Ornament in a Box is perfect for doing with family and friends of all ages. 

How does it work?

- Once you purchase a box, you'll receive an email containing a sign-up for a Zoom call with Nicole, as well as ornament shape options.

- During the call, we'll talk through which ornaments you would like for whom. At that point, you will let me know if you need additional ornaments or brushes. (Extra ornaments are $5 each)

- After the call, we'll prepare your box for you and put names on the back of each ornament.

- On or after Saturday, November 19, you can come pick up your box of ornaments, and take them home to decorate!

- Once you're finished decorating (by Saturday, Dec. 17 at the latest), you'll return the ornaments to the studio where they'll be fired and put on string.

- We will notify you when your ornaments are ready to pick up, usually within a week of drop-off

What's Included?

The Ornament Box comes with 4 ornaments automatically, but you can add as many as you'd like for $5 per additional ornament.

Each box contains: 

- Zoom Call with Nicole Capriglione

- 4 Ornaments

- Paint Brushes

- Colored Glazes

- Plastic Tablecloth

- PDF of glaze color examples

- Video teaching how to glaze, as well as giving tips and tricks

- Link to the Spotify Playlist

Can you deliver it?

Yes! However, because it's 3 trips and gas prices are high, there will be a significant cost: 

- In Fort Wayne + $25 

- In Auburn, Bluffton, or Western Ohio (within 30 minutes of the studio) + $35

 When are they available?

- Boxes will be available for pick up November 19 until December 10. 

- Boxes will be delivered and picked up on Fridays starting November 19 until December 10. 

- All ornaments will be finished and delivered or ready to pick up by Wednesday, December 21 at the latest.