Clay Day Camp (MS/HS)

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Looking for a fun activity for your teen this summer? Does your teen love being messy and creative? Clay Day Camp is the perfect option for you!

During this 5-day camp, teens get to learn coil, pinch, and slab techniques, and even get to play on the potter's wheel! Each day we will work on a different technique.


Day 1: Pinch Pot Whistles

Day 2: Coil Vessel

Day 3: Slab Template Pieces of Choice

Day 4: Pottery Wheel and decorating

Day 5:  Pottery Wheel and decorating

** June 24 we are having Potter Palooza at the studio. During it, many potters will be displaying and selling their pieces. I would love to display your teen's pieces and have you and your family join in the fun to see them on display!**

Ages: Grades 6-12  (not a strict guideline, but child should be decently independent)

Dates: Monday, June 5 - Friday, June 9

Times: 9 am - 12 pm

Location: Capriglione Creations Home Studio

     5812 E Tillman Rd, Fort Wayne


- All materials

- T-Shirt

- Participation in Pottery Palooza June 24



* Pottery needs to dry and go through the kiln before it's finished. Pots will be finished about one week after camp is over. If participating in Pottery Palooza, pottery can be picked up after the event on the day or, or any time following the event.

* Due to the nature of pottery, we cannot guarantee your pots will all make it through the process. 

** We reserve the right to ask a student not to return if major behavioral issues start affecting other participants. Refunds available on a pro-rated scale. 

** If you choose to withdraw less than 1 week before start, there will be no refund.